Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper HD to celebrate Thanksgiving Day


If you are looking for Thanksgiving wallpaper in HD, then you are in the right place. You can download a large variety of images from our website. In addition to this, you can also give these wallpapers to your near and dear ones as a Thanksgiving Day gift. So, let’s have a look at these wallpapers in HD.

Thanksgiving Wallpaper Download Free.
Download ‘Happy Thanksgiving Day’ wallpaper and use it as your desktop’s background and celebrate an amazing Thanksgiving this year.
Thanksgiving Wallpaper For Desktop Background.
Set this Thanksgiving Wallpaper as your desktop background and eat delicious Turkey with your family members to celebrate this day.
Thanksgiving Wallpaper Widescreen HD.
This Thanksgiving HD wallpaper is specially made for your widescreen desktop or laptop. Do make this your wallpaper this Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Wallpaper With Heart.
Make this as your Thanksgiving desktop backgrounds the next time Thanksgiving approaches to get a full vibe of Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving Wallpapers HD 1600x1000.
Use this wallpaper HD to get the whole Thanksgiving Day appeal right in front of eyes every time you use your desktop.
Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpapers.
Make a Thanksgiving holiday happily by using this wallpaper to light up this day with your family and friends.
Turkey Thanksgiving HD Wallpapers.
Make this as your backgrounds while you eat delicious turkey with your near and dear ones and make this the best Thanksgiving of all times. Turkey is a Thanksgiving Day staple and this wallpaper reminds us of that.
Wonderful Cute Thanksgiving Wallpaper.
Go for this cute wallpaper to make this as one of your cute images on this upcoming Thanksgiving.
3D Thanksgiving Wallpaper.
This 3D wallpaper with turkey gives you all the feel of a perfect Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones. Go for this one for a cute Thanksgiving wallpaper.
Autumn Glow Gourds Thanksgiving Wallpaper.
This beautiful and relaxing Thanksgiving wallpaper will give you a serene Thanksgiving Day vibe. Give this to your loved one to make them feel all the more loved.

Free Thanksgiving Backgrounds

Cute Thanksgiving Background.
This Happy Thanksgiving wallpaper can very well be used as your desktop backgrounds and can also be used to gift someone to send them your best wishes.
Cute Thanksgiving Wallpapers.
This wallpaper gives the flavor of the Thanksgiving season and can be made as your desktop’s wallpaper.
Free Thanksgiving Background Download.
Wish ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ with this elegant and regal Thanksgiving wallpaper HD. You can also use this image to give your best wishes to your loved ones.
Free Thanksgiving Wallpaper Download.
Do a Thanksgiving wallpaper free download and gift this cute and pretty wallpaper to your kids or younger siblings or use it yourself to celebrate Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving Backgrounds.
Use this wallpaper as your backgrounds and get a cool vibe on this special holiday by making it as your desktop’s wallpaper.
Happy Thanksgiving Greeting Card.
Use this image to get your hands on a unique wallpaper for this Thanksgiving Day and have a big feast with your close ones.
Happy Thanksgiving HD Wallpaper.
Gift this beautiful Thanksgiving images inspired ‘Happy Thanksgiving Day’ greeting card to your friends and family and have a grand feast on Thanksgiving Day.
Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper HD 1080p.
This wallpaper is both cute and quirky at the same time. Make this as your PC or laptop’s Thanksgiving wallpaper right now.
Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper HD.
Use this wallpaper that has cute owls wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. Gift this wallpaper to your kids and loved ones to give them all smiles on this day.
Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper Remembering The Goodness of GOD.
Get this wallpaper HD to wish your near and dear one a Happy Thanksgiving and make this as your desktop background to get the vibe of this most loved holiday.
Nice Thanksgiving Wallpaper.
Select this wallpaper as one of your Thanksgiving desktop backgrounds, which will remind you of the goodness of God and makes you thankful for all that almighty has provided you with.
Thanksgiving Day Free Animation Wallpapers Online Greeting.
Wish your family and friends on Thanksgiving with this Thanksgiving wallpaper so that you have a time you relish for the rest of your life on this day.
Thanksgiving HD Wallpaper 1080p.
Use this backgrounds to get reminded of dependence that we have on the harvest generated each other and how much we should be thankful for it.
Download free Happy Thanksgiving Image.
Use this scenic image as your Thanksgiving wallpaper for this year to celebrate a beautiful Thanksgiving this year. Light up your desktop with this wallpaper.
3D Thanksgiving Desktop Wallpaper.
Use this 3D wallpaper as your desktop’s theme to give you the complete Thanksgiving vibe. This wallpaper will look beautiful on your desktop.

In the US, Thanksgiving is celebrated every year on the 4th Thursday of the month of November.  It has been celebrated since the year 1789 on an on and off basis. It is a part of the holiday season celebrated in the US. The first account of the Thanksgiving Day is when the pilgrims celebrated their first harvest.

Thanksgiving is US’s national holiday and since its inception, it has been celebrated among states and colonies for more than two centuries. President Abraham Lincoln declared a national Thanksgiving Day to be celebrated in November each year. This was in the year 1863.

Today, Thanksgiving has lost touch with its original religious roots and focuses on sharing a grand feast with near and dear ones. Turkey is said to be cooked in American households every year on this day. They are deep-fried, roasted, or baked. In addition to this, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie are also cooked on this day.